New Blurb for Lycopolis

Previous version (in case you happen to want it):

One Hallowe’en, a group of online roleplayers summon a demon, The Prince of Nightmares. Seth, who’s in charge of the game, says it’s “just for fun”. But disturbing things start to happen in real life: red marks appear on the foreheads of the gamers, and they’re all having nightmares about a dark forest.

Secrets come out, friendships are broken, and the boundaries between the real, the virtual and the imaginary become increasingly fractured as the Prince becomes more powerful. Kay, a student at Oxford, is the only person who realises what Seth is doing – and it’s up to her to stop him.


New version:

Seth’s got a lot going for him: money, charm, and Lycopolis – a niche online game where he can play god.

He wants more.

Much more.

For years, there’s been a little voice in the back of his head, urging him on.

For months, he’s been crafting the game, getting everything just right.

And for days, he’s been waiting for the perfect moment to summon a demon.

He makes it easy for his handpicked group of Lycopolis players. Ties it in with Hallowe’en – a bit of fun, a spooky twist to the story they’re jointly telling.

Only one of them refuses to join in: Kay.

Frankly, he didn’t think she had it in her. She’s diffident, unimposing. And he can tell she fancies him.

But, as he wrestles with power and faces the darkness, she’s the one who keeps getting in the bloody way.

Of course, he wins. He always wins.

Except this time, he wishes he hadn’t. Because something ancient and evil, something that’s been whispering in his ear for fifteen years – and whispering to mankind for much, much longer – has been playing him all along.

By the time he understands just what’s at stake, it’s almost too late … and even Kay might not able to save him.

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