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Seth’s got a lot going for him: money, charm, and Lycopolis, a niche online game where he can play god.

He wants more. Much more. Because Lycopolis isn’t just a game — and Hallowe’en offers the perfect excuse to introduce a spooky twist to the story he’s orchestrating.

Only one of the players refuses to take part: Kay.

Frankly, he didn’t think she had it in her. But, as he wrestles with power and faces the darkness, she’s the one who keeps getting in the bloody way.

Of course, he wins. He always wins.

Except this time, he wishes he hadn’t. Because something ancient and evil has been playing him all along. And by the time he understands just what’s at stake, it’s almost too late … and even Kay might not able to save him.


Lycopolis has received lovely reviews on and Here’s what people have been saying:

I’m not a gamer but I was fascinated by the dual worlds of this novel. I enjoyed the fast paced suspense of the ‘real world’ segments of the book but was also interested in how the online gaming part of it worked. I like a supernatural side to my novels and the way the nightmares were enmeshed in the game and the character’s real lives was skillfully done.

– Joanna Penn

There are few books where the characters are so expertly drawn. The point of view changes to enable each character to contribute to the development of the story without the action becoming confusing. As is the case in life, no person is fully bad or good, the author allows the reader to connect with each character to identify with each of their human frailties and strengths. For such a young writer I was amazed at her depth of understanding of the issues and challenges facing the players within the stories. All this enabled the story to be believable and enjoyable to the last word. Looking forward to the next book in the trilogy.

– Simon Gardiner

This is one of those books I started reading late in the afternoon and then couldn’t put down. I stayed up WAAAY too late reading it, because it’s the sort of story where you want to read one more chapter and one more after that because you care about the characters, and you’re afraid something terribile will happen to them.

– Cheryl M. Reifsnyder

This compact supernatural thriller walks the edge between two worlds: reality and fantasy. Ali Luke does a great job of juggling both worlds and then some. Despite the amount of people introduced, and the complications that gives in those two worlds, she manages to keep confusion at bay with her clear and consistent writing, while exploring the characters involved in depth. The action almost jumps off the page, and the fast pace leaves your head spinning.

– Vala Faye

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Lycopolis is the first novel in a planned trilogy: the second, Oblivion, came out in December 2015 (find out more below).

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In the English countryside, Seth’s settling into his new house – a striking contrast with his home in London. Over in Swindon, Mark and Hannah are coming to terms with family upheaval. In Oxford, Kay and Brandon are trying to focus on their studies – yet the demon world is becoming a hard-to-ignore reality.

Seth’s new house harbours an old secret, one that’s set to rock Mark and Hannah’s already shaky marriage … despite their determination to have nothing more to do with him.

An empty picture frame, a dark snowy night, and the gift of a thousand pounds open up a dangerous path for fresh temptation and ancient evil to combine.

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You can buy the ebook version of Oblivion from:, just $2.99 (click here), just £1.99 (click here)

Or you can get the paperback from:, $12.99 (click here), £7.99 (click here)

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